The time machine is a library of homepages and emails from over 150 brands in women, men and kid’s fashion, shoes, accessories, sportswear, lingerie and home decor. Use it as a starting point to planning your campaigns, competitor benchmarking and for creative inspiration.


Weekly Screenshots

Homepage screenshots captured twice a week.

Hourly Screenshots

Emails screenshots captured hourly.

Email Subject Lines

View email subject line from other brands.


Smart Filters

Filter the time machine by brand or by sector.

Your Competitors

Check out what time your competitors are emailing.


Download screenshots of homepages and emails .


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Look into the future or the past. The calendar is the place where you can see every event, campaign, promotion, and more, planned for your e-commerce website. This is where your organization can get the answer to “What will be on the homepage next week?”, "How many email campaigns are planned for tomorrow? What is the content?”, “What coupon was on the homepage last week?”


Beautiful and Easy

A beautiful and easy to understand calendar that hosts all of your marketing campaigns and events (homepages, emails, promotions, overlays, and more!).

Helps Organize

Organize the calendar to be relevant to your business and use your own lingo. Your layout remains regardless of how many events you add on your calendar.

Holiday Info

A smart assistant informs you of any holiday and holiday shifts.

Calendar Views

View your campaigns by day, week or month and easily jump to a desired date in the past or the future.

Compare to Last Year

Compare this year’s calendar to the same period last year


All Calendars in One Place

One place to organize all of your marketing calendars. Plus, we keep all of your history so that you can go back to any period in time.

Customizeable Filters

Create your own calendar filters to find your campaigns.

Fast Edits

Add, remove, extend and shift campaigns around in seconds.

Creative Brief

No need for a separate creative brief. Every campaign has a dedicated description area where your team can provide creative direction and attach images.

Activity Log

Every update or change is recorded so that everyone is always in the loop and working off of the latest information


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