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How to Optimize Your Labor Day Sales

Labor Day weekend marks the unofficial end of summer, but the beginning of some of the year’s best blowout sales where Americans celebrate the fruits of their labor – by shopping. Labor Day is one of the seasonal holy grails for retailers, with apparel sales driving nearly 45% of sales in 2017, according to DealNews. We've rounded up some of the best e-marketing tips from past Labor Day campaigns, including: the most effective calendars, the best deal strategies, and the right collections to offer.


#1 Plan to Win.

Optimize Your Labor Day Sales Calendar

The key to a successful Labor Day is to treat it like a game of Chinese Checkers. Begin with your endgame in mind, and plan early how you’re going to come out ahead of your competitors.  

Set up a timeline for your campaign. Although Labor Day is a single day, most brands extend their offers across the entire weekend, week, or even month. By extending your deals, you’ll be able to reach customers traveling during Labor Day weekend. Ask yourself: Will your sale solely fall on Labor Day, or will it span over the course of several days? Which days will you schedule promotion emails or social media posts? Start strategizing early, and set yourself up for success.

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To get an idea of what your competitors might be doing this year, we’ve mapped out  how the country’s leading womenswear retailers scheduled their Labor Day marketing campaigns in 2017.


#2 Labor Day, It’s Kind of a Big Deal.

The Best Way to Draw-In Customers

Perfect Your On-The-Go Experience

Labor Day is especially challenging because you can almost guarantee your consumers are going to be elsewhere during the peak of your brand’s sales period. Therefore, it is key to make sure you optimize your campaign for mobile browsing and one-click purchases, so consumers can still seamlessly purchase while toasting to the weekend.

According to internet advertising company, Criteo, shopper’s browse 286% more products on mobile apps than on the mobile web. If your brand hasn’t already shifted to optimizing your mobile app experience, Labor Day weekend is the perfect time to try it out. Moreover, making sure you provide one-click purchasing, such as Apple Pay, is crucial for consumers on-the-go and decreases cart abandonment.

Make it Social

Skipping out on social media marketing this Labor Day would only be a mistake. Social Media is the perfect landscape where retailers can showcase their products and promotions on apps consumers are already spending most of their time on.

The Crème de la Crème of E-Marketing

Although there are myriads of ways to communicate your Labor Day deals to your consumers, email marketing continues to be the most direct and profitable channel for e-commerce retailers. Consumers subscribing to your email list, and therefore interested in your brand, are already halfway through to purchasing. In order to increase conversion over this Labor Day weekend, focus on perfecting your email content.

  1.  Begin with a kick-ass subject line. According to media company, Convince & Convert, 35% of people will decide whether to open an email or not based on its subject line alone, so make sure you nail the first chance you get to draw-in customers.
  2. Once you can get consumers to click, focus on great design. An email may be the first interaction you have with your consumer regarding your Labor Day sales, so make sure to capture their attention with an aesthetically pleasing email template.
  3.  Last but not least, make sure to foster a sense of urgency. Make your subscribers feel that your Labor Day deals are special and should be acted upon quickly.
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#3  Why White is Always Right.

Which Seasonal Collections to Promote

The person who decided we couldn’t wear white after Labor Day obviously didn’t know about end-of-season sales. Labor Day is the ideal holiday for retailers to sell the last of their summertime stock. Traditionally, the best way to debunk this fashion rule is by offering deals consumers can’t resist. However, with Americans spending more and more of their time in controlled environments thanks to central heating and cooling, apparel brands are being freed from the confines of seasonality. With seasons being so last season, don’t be afraid to shine the spotlight on summer apparel.

The bulk of the sales we’ll be seeing will be on summer wear. However, some retailers may decide to take it a step further and offer deals on their new fall collections, in order to stay ahead of the competition and reach consumers looking to transition their wardrobes. By offering both, retailers will be able to respond both to consumers growing interest in warm weather apparel while staying relevant to the season.

Just because the summer is coming to a close and the weather is beginning to cool down, doesn’t mean your profits have to. Keep these essential marketing tips in mind while building your Labor Day Campaign, and we’ll guarantee a scorching September 3rd.


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By: Ana Lucia Parham Santana


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