Be a part of our
Usability Study!

In an effort to develop a tool to help e-commerce teams, we will be running a usability study with 4-6 people who are interested in giving us feedback on existing features.

This study will help us as we work to refine Plannista as well as build new features. Participants will receive a $15 Starbucks Gift Card.

Click HERE to schedule a time that best suits your schedule.

What will you be doing in the usability study?
You will be asked to do several short, simple tasks using our tool. You will also be asked questions about your experience and perceptions of the tool.

How long is a session?
Between 30min-60min

When and where?
June 2018
Sessions will be at 447 Broadway 2nd floor or we can come to your office.

Plannista will make
your job easier