Getting Started & How To

Learn how to use Plannista in minutes!

Sign Up

To get started, simply create an account by signing up, no credit card required. Don't worry, you will get all the works for your first 30 day trial. As your trial comes to an end, you can then choose the plan best suited for your team.


Once logged in, visit Settings accessible via the header.

Update your user profile by adding your name and a profile photo.

Invite team members in the collaborators section by inputting their emails and sending them an invitation.

Manage event locations in events management. This is where a user, or team, decides the different sections that will be needed in their content marketing calendar. A first time user will see six out-of-the-box events. Event locations can be added, deleted and updated at anytime. To add an event location just click on the plus sign on the top right and don't forget save once you are done adding all of your event locations.

Import previous existing marketing content calendars. In the import history section get our .csv template to quickly upload years of content onto Plannista. Follow the instructions on the import history section and voila, you are ready to continue planning your marketing content on Plannista.

Content Marketing Calendar

The content marketing calendar is where you will add events/content to event locations.


To quickly hop around dates, months and years simply click the month name on the calendar and select the date you would like to navigate to.

Add Events

Step 1. Add events by clicking on the pink add button.

Step 2. On the overlay, select the event location from the drop down menu on the top left.

Step 3. Give your event a title and a start and end date. Description and attachements are optional. We recommend you use the event description area as a notes section or to provide creative direction. Attachments can be images, files or videos. Each attachment is limited to 25MB.

You will also see a plus sign on the top right of the event overlay. Clicking the plus sign will add an additional event, or sub event, section to the overlay. This can be used for areas with many sections such as a homepage.

Each team chooses how they would like to organize their calendar so that it works best for them. You can choose to use sub events if you wish to organize your calendar in this manner.

Step 4. Press save and your event will appear on the calendar. You can click on the event bar to update it at anytime.

Manage Events

We understand that business fluctuates, so quick and easy manipulation of the calendar is important. The event bars on the calendar can be:

  • moved by dragging and dropping
  • duplicated by hovering over the event bar and clicking on the three dots on the right. Click on the first icon to duplicate. A drop down menu will appear to choose the event location(s) where the event will be duplicated to. Think of this as copy and paste.
  • converted by hovering over the event bar and clicking on the three dots. Click on the second icon to convert. A drop down menu will appear to choose the event location(s) where the event will be moved to. Think of this as cut and paste.
  • deleted by hovering over the event bar and clicking on the three dots. Click on the third icon to delete.
  • extended or shortened by clicking and dragging the sides of each event bar.
  • Compare to Last Year

    In order to assist in planning, we have made it easy to compare to your last year content calendar. On the header, click the compare to last year icon (a clock icon). You will see this year and last year side by side. This feature will stay on until unclicked.


    At Plannista we want to make your job easier. We understand that you use many tools to plan and execute marketing content. So we have created integrations with top analytics and project manament tools.


    By connecting your marketing content calendar to your analytics tool, you will see the performance of all events on your content calendar. Each team chooses which KPIs should be visualized on the marketing content calendar. This will avoid having to search for performance of each individual event on a separate tool. We currently have integrations with Google Analytics, Heap and Adobe Analytics.

    Project Management

    Connecting plannista to your project manamentment tool is going to save you time on getting creative and projects done. Each validated event on the marketing content calendar can be turned into a project in your project managment tool in seconds. No need to copy and paste projects anymore.

    We currently have integrations with Basecamp, Podio and Asana.

    Competitor Time Machine


    The Plannista Time Machine hosts hundreds of homepages and emails from over hundreds of brands. There is a tab to view homepages and one for emails. Use the filter on the top right to filter by sector, brand and/or date.


    To view a full homepage or email simply click on the thumbnail. Each homepage and email image has a downward arrow icon to download.

    Add Brands

    We want to make sure we are following all of your competitors and inspirational brands. If you would like for us to add a brand, please send an email to Let us know the name of the brand and we will take care of the rest.