What is Plannista?

At Plannista, we are dedicated to innovate in order to optimize the future of e-commerce. One of the pillars of an e-commerce website is a brand's marketing content calendar. Most of these calendars are currently hosted on spreadsheets. We believe that by hosting them in a dedicated online tool, we are opening the doors to many opportunities with analytics, workflows, and artifiicial intelligence to increase productivity, sales and drive customer engagement. Plannista is here to help plan, organize and execute content.

How does it work?

Plannista is a web based app, accessible from any web browser. As a Plannista user you have the option to:

1. use the Time Machine, the library of homepage and emails from hundreds of brands, to get creative inspiration or to follow your competition.
2. use the Time Machine and Marketing Content Calendar. This calendar helps you better plan your marketing content and keep it organized.

No technical integration is required to start using Plannista. APIs to connect your marketing content calendar to your analytics and project managment tools are available. To learn more visit the Getting Started Guide.

The Time Machine

Simply visit the Time Machine via the link in the header. There you will find a tab for homepages and one for emails. Simply filter by y sector, brand, and/or date, to find homepages and emails of your desired brands.

The Content Marketing Calendar

Each calendar contains customizeable sections called Event Locations. You will be able to add content, or events, to each of these sections. Events can be a homepage, marketing email, promotion, or anything else happening on your website. We keep a live feed of all calendar interactions so that everyone is always in the loop of the latest changes. These can be a planned homepage, marketing email, promotion, or anything else happening on your website.

Invite your team members by going to settings to send them an invitation. Go ahead, start collaborating.